July: Both Busy and Slow

July was an off month.

I took it easy with my regular job most of the month, because I work a lot during the fall, spring and winter, so I let myself do just above the minimum, squeaking by most days. It was a nice change of pace. Got to do what I want. Sleep a little more. See my friends more.

I also started performing with my hoops. I performed at the Town of Herndon’s Fourth of July Celebration and at Reston Festival, where I did street and (impromptu) stage performances. It was fantastic and really helped me build my confidence to hoop in front of a crowd. Now that I’ve done it, I think I can hoop in front of just about anyone. Here’s some of the Reston Festival photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last week I completed my Hoopnotica teacher training exams. They were grading them today, so then I’ll just be waiting on my results and hopefully by next week I’ll be certified! I’m pretty excited about this.

During the month of July I also didn’t practice nearly as much as I was before. I wasn’t feeling it. Plus the temperatures here were ungodly hot. Like the day it was 106 degrees with a heat index of 120. I didn’t even want to hoop inside the community center. I didn’t push myself to progress or learn any new moves. And though I felt a little guilty (am I not as into it as I thought I was…?), I told myself, it’s fine not to push myself to the limits all the time. It’s cool. Relax. Take a break. You’ll be into it again soon.

And so the past week has been all about getting back into daily practices and having fun and learning new moves—and suddenly I’m really excited again. I’ve (finally!) learned how to solidly one-leg hoop. It feels so amazing to get that down. I started working on that one in like April. I learned a couple other moves on how to get out of knee hooping as well that are really cool.

My first hooping classes at the Herndon Community Center start in just a month and a half. But wait! There might be more! I might have classes as soon as August 15! I approached my employer (well the parent company of my employer, Aol) and suggested I try teaching a couple hoopdance classes at their headquarters, which I live fairly close to and they’re totally interested. I hope it works out well! And the Reston Community Center is really interested too.

Looks like a hobby I love might actually earn me a little cash. In the meantime, here’s a video I took today.

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