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Training to Teach Hooping to Children

Ever since I began teaching hooping people have been requesting children’s classes. My current classes are 13+ only for a few reasons, but I kept saying that perhaps in a year I could do a teacher training to be able to teach children’s hooping classes.

I got that request tonight that finally pushed me to commit to doing it! Tonight I signed up for BodyHoops’ Fit Kids Distance Teacher Training. And I’m really excited to be able to confidently add children’s classes to my┬árepertoire.

Part of me thought, “Hey, you have a lot of skills to share. You can probably do kids’ classes without training.” However, I’m not that great with kids. I’m getting better, and hooping helps tremendously, but I was one of the youngest in my family, didn’t babysit and wasn’t around other small children much growing up. I’ve always been uncomfortable around children.

I’m hoping the BodyHoops program can give the confidence, skills, games, ideas, tricks and tips needed to make me more comfortable in the hoop with kids. It’ll also be greatly helpful for doing children’s hoop parties.

A few weeks ago we went to a brunch at my in-laws’ house and they have a nice big yard. One of the only questions I asked about going was, “Will all the kids be there?” Upon receiving a positive answer I responded, “Great! I’m bringing my hoops!”

I think if I’m getting to the point where I’m excited to be around kids because it gives me an excuse to be in the hoop, then I’m definitely ready to do the teacher training and take on kids’ classes.

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