The Sound of Progress

“The sound of the hoop hitting the ground is the sound of progress.”
– Caroleeena

My hoops were hitting the ground a lot yesterday.

I finally went to practice at the community center where I would have some room to really move without worrying about hitting the television or watching for cars (I sometimes hoop in the parking lot at my condo).

I decided it would be fun to work on multiples and challenge myself with three hoops. I’ve dubbed it seizure hooping. It’s not elegant and it’s far from perfect but it’s a work in progress. The entire time I was still having a blast.

Often people will see the final result of hours of practice when hoopers do their thing in public. People don’t really see the learning process or how difficult or frustrating it can be, so I made this video to show some of that.

I was working on:
Two hoops – chest/waist, chest/knees, waist/knees, knees/halo, waist/halo, chest/halo
Three hoops – knees/chest/halo, waist/chest/halo

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