Twins, Jamming and Sliding Doors

Some random, thrown together footage of my practice from a couple days ago:

Tonight I went to Friday Night Live ( with Steve and some friends and brought along my hoops. Hooped most of the evening—it really all started when the rain came and everyone cleared out. Without the crowd I felt less self conscious and suddenly there was a lot of space to hoop in. Then I went a little nuts when they started to play “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness. I was obsessed with that song in college.

Anyway, eventually the rain stopped I had an absolute blast hoopdancing barefoot in the wet grass. When it got dark enough, I got the courage up to bring out my LED hoop, attracting even more attention. People were so positive about it though. I’ve never hooped in front of that many people publicly and everyone was entranced, wanted to know more about it, cheered me on and thought it was so cool and unique. They loved it! Hoops make people smile.

There was one bad interaction, but it was just someone who was insisting their daughter be able to borrow my $150 LED hoop. Sorry, but only myself and those I trust get to use it. Eventually they dropped it, but the girl was using my regular hoops. Her grandma was saying she’d love to get her an LED hoop for her birthday so I directed her to MoodHoops since they’re priced so well, especially for something you might get a child.

Anyway, I loved getting to share my (regular) hoops with some cute little girls, and even some adult ladies tried them out. I love it that I can put a smile on people’s faces with something so simple. I hoop because I love it, I enjoy myself and it’s good for me. But it makes it even better when my hooping can make other people happy too.

More hooping tomorrow! Taste of Reston is taking place, and The Living Well Expo is part of it this year. There’s a hooper from the Manassas/Gainsville area, Tina B Hoopurr, who’s doing a hoop jam demo and I’m totally joining in. It’s just down the street and really, I just can’t help myself. If I can go out and hoop my booty off and meet other hoopers and teach others to hoop and share the love—I’ll be there.

This was taken when I first got my LED hoop. I wanted to get the pretty LED trails.

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