Moar Hoops!

I want to make more hoops. I want more hoop tape. I want more tubing. I want a pop riveter. Today I took photos of all my tapes (which isn’t a ton) and a bunch of color combinations to put on my Facebook page so people could see them and get better ideas for what they might want. Here’s some of my favorites:

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I need vinyl tapes in yellow and pink. I really like my twins taped in vinyl and I’m afraid I won’t like them as much if I use gaffer and that’s all I have. I may try it anyway. Right now my twins look awful because they’re the first hoops I taped so they’re a hot mess. I do like the colors. Purple/orange and red/orange.But I think I’d like to do them in yellow, white and pink. It’d be a great look for the summer and reminds me of lemonade. I could do a white hoop with yellow and pink gaff and a yellow hoop with white and pink swirls. Or maybe make them both the same…

Need moar hoop supplies!!! Rawr!

I sort of practiced today. I just rocked in my living room for a few songs, then I practiced one-legged hooping (I suck at it, but am determined) and breaks, which I’m finally starting to get now that I’m working in smaller hoops. And actually trying. I haven’t really tried breaks in quite a while and I was still using 39-40″ hoops. Breaks don’t work well with massive hoops.

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