First Herndon Hoop Class Starts in One Week!

My first hoopdance class at the Herndon Community Center starts next week. I’m a little anxious but mostly excited. I know I’ve got at least eight people in the class already. Woo! There’s still time to sign up, so if anyone is looking for a beginning hoopdance class in Herndon, VA, head over to the Herndon Community Center to sign up. It’s $70 for in-town residents and $93 for out of town residents.

A video from this morning’s practice, for your viewing pleasure. The first move I did was the sliding door (front).

I’ve been working on some new tricks. Some are cool, big tricks, others are simple things I’d like to add into my regular moves, such as breaks and reversals. I spent a while today working on the sliding door trick. It’s feeling better and I can finally do it from the side, rather than just the front, though it’s better going right to left, than left to right. I worked on the continuous sliding door too, but that’s tough. I’ll get there. Other things I’m working on are (still) bunny ears and (still) elbow attack, as well as working to do better angles and barrel rolls. There’s been some other stuff in there too.

I haven’t made a hoop in a while, and on Monday I kinked my first hoop. It was a cheapie 1/2″ PE 125psi hoop that was horribly decorated. It was sort of a fluke hoop that I made a long time ago and ended up liking. Now I need to either cut it down and reconnect it or take out the connector and use it in another hoop. I’m itching to make some new hoops and I still have lots of pex and a bunch of 1/2″ PE so I think I’ll do some this weekend, but I really want to go buy some more 3/4″ PE and get some more tapes.

I’m still waiting on my level four DVD, my hoop technique DVD and my minis DVD from Hoopnotica. I ordered them three or so weeks ago, but since the minis DVD isn’t finished yet they aren’t shipping it out until it is. I’m eagerly awaiting them! Though there’s plenty to work on in the meantime. I get most of my moves from YouTube videos and tutorials, but I really like to have  the DVDs as a sort of catalog of sorts. Reference materials.

I’m also trying to figure out if I want to keep the New Balance/Vibram shoes I got or get a pair of Vibram Classics. I think I really want Vibrams, so I’ll probably bring the New Balances back. They’re more for running anyway.

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