Hooping Into Fall

Fall is coming. The weather has been so much cooler the past few days.

The first HCC hoop class went great (I hope!). I had fun and I’m excited to help teach others how to hoop. I hope they fall as in love with it as I have.

I’ve signed up to hoop through the holiday parade in RTC the day after Thanksgiving. I told some of my students, so I hope some of them want to join in.

Friday night I hooped at JamBrew and a couple local hoopers I hadn’t met joined in. Even though it was a little chilly it was pretty great.

I’m looking for ways to offer more hooping time or classes. I found that a local arts community allows sort of “residency” programs at their facility for arts businesses who are just starting out (like me!). I’m definitely going to contact them to see about offering more classes or something.

Today I made new hoops for students. I’ve got a couple hundred feet of tubing that I found at Lowes for half the price as usual. I’m also excited about new tapes on the way. It’s always nice to spend time making something with your hands.

In the meantime, a new video:

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