Aaaand I Disappeared for a While

Happy Veterans Day and happy World Hoop Day! YES! There IS such a thing as World Hoop Day.

October was an insanely busy month. We had out of town visitors several weekends in a row and spent one weekend out of town visiting friends in Philly. My friend Megan and I carried around our hoops and did some hooping in fun neighborhoods.

My first hoop class has been going fantastic. I’m having a blast sharing it with others and we’re starting to really get into the groove. I’m so happy to be creating some more hoopers for the Herndon area.

I thought today I’d share a video of my hoop progression, going month-by-month.

And here’s another of my newest LED hoop:

For anyone who’s considering it, my next set of classes begins in January with the Town of Herndon’s Parks and Recreation Department. I believe it’ll be an eight week class (of beginner hooping) and will be between $60-$80 depending on if you live in-town or out-of-town. Registration for in-town begins sometime around Dec. 7-9 and for out-of-town registration begins somewhere around Dec. 14. Sign up early because my current class filled up quickly and had a wait list. In the space we have I can take about 13-15 hoopers.

Need more info? Want to try it out before committing? Contact me at or find me on Facebook at

Hope you all pick up your hoops for World Hoop Day!

2 thoughts on “Aaaand I Disappeared for a While

  1. Stacey says:

    Leslie, you are an inspiration and a really awesome hooper. I’ve enjoyed watching (each and every one, I think) of the videos you’ve posted, and it’s been so cool to watch.

    When my back is better, I need to build better core muscles, and I’ve already told Steve I want to buy another hoop so I have one here and one in the park. It just looks so darn fun that I need to get better at it!!! (and heal first, of course, but then get better!!)

    You rock!!

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